Franchise of the Federal network of
children's educational clubs and
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Baby-club today
21 years experience in the market for
educational services
170 clubs
54 cities
11 000+ children come to our clubs and
kindergartens every day
34 management company employees
850 educators and assistants
3 countries
9 000+ graduates

800+ «Thank Yous» from grateful parents,
children, employees, partners
We invite you on a virtual tour of the
Our signature design makes clubs cozy,
beautiful and modern.
Baby club is different from others
A beautiful recognizable logo was made together with Artemy Lebedev's design studio. This allowed us to create a unique corporate identity for the company.
The Brand
All employees undergo mandatory training program at the university, take tests and only then start working. The
format of learning is remote.

Corporate University
We pass on to our partners many years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship.
Corporate MBA
The company's experienced and professional staff advises and supports partners and educators at various stages
of the club's work.
Management Company
We have created our own effective system of classes, based on the best author's methods and manuals, on modern trends in pedagogy, psychology, neurophysiology.

And our partners have created a special atmosphere in their clubs!
Our own system of children development
from 7 months to 7 years
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In just one day you'll have time to:
Meet the founders of the franchise Evgeniya and Yuri Belonoshchenko
Hear the story of Baby-club firsthand
Visit our clubs
Take a tour around Moscow
How was Baby-club going through the crisis
Narrates the founder of Baby-club Yuri Belonoshchenko
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Baby-club franchise
To open a Baby-Club
80% of our partners decide to become
entrepreneurs and start their own
business for the first time. At our
corporate MBA program we teach how to
run a business, reveal the intricacies of
preschool education services and share
years of our experience.
No entrepreneurial experience necessary
All you need to do is to follow our standards,
learn and teach your employees, and put
your heart and soul into your club.
You don't need experience working with children.
What is included in the cost of the franchise
Corporate MBA program for partners
Employee training
Training course
Business supervisor
Teacher and assistant supervisor
Marketing support
Guilelines for using the business model
Checklists to meet the standards
Club design + zoning
ERP accounting system
Federal call-center
Corporate e-mail
Website with domain
Methods of teaching in 13 different areas
5000+ lesson plans in Russian
(including 400+ lesson plans in English)
Access to the Knowledge Base

When becoming our partner, you also get
Access to partners chat in Telegram
Access to online classes
Trainig Webinars
Marketing plan
How could your club look like?
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50 m2

Area from:
65 m2

circular intellectual training, bilingual course
Area from:
100 m2

classic, circular intellectual
training, bilingual course
Calculate the cost of a Baby-club opening
in your city
Opening Stages
90-120 days in total
Launch supervisor accompanies the
whole process of the club opening:
advises, clarifies the details and monitor
the club before the opening according to
the checklist.
Launch Department
331 active memberships
The Baby-club has got a record number of active clients in the two-format club!
Please meet Irina Tomurova, our partner from Yoshkar-Ola
Baby-club franchise for small towns
There are more than 1000 towns in Russia with population of up to 300 000 people.
We have made special conditions for
these citites and reduced investments by 53%.

Submit your application to learn more
about this type of franchise.
Interview with our first partner
Baby-club Management Company
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Media about the Baby-Club Company
Baby-Club chain has 9th place in "30 Most Profitable Franchises 2020" rating
Baby-club is in the TOP-100 of Russian Employer Rating
The book "Kindergarten is too late" translaten in Russian won in two categories: the choice of Runet users and the bestseller on Ozon placemarket
The bestselling book
Announcement of the "Now I'm the Boss" show with Evgeniya and Yuri Belonoshchenko.
Friday TV Channel
We are recognized by experts
In 2015, Baby-Club was recognized as the company of the year by the Golden Bear Award
We are one of the TOP-50 most requested franchises in RBC's ranking.
We are in the TOP-100 of the
BeBoss franchise ranking